Discover Schouwen Duiveland

 Schouwen Duiveland is the northernmost island of the province Zeeland and covers an area of 258 km2. Is is surrounded bij the Grevelingenmeer , North Sea en the Oosterschelde. Schouwen Duiveland has beautiful villages, polders, dikes, creeks and of course Zierikzee with its monumental inner city. At the west point there is a wide dune area whose highest point is about 42 meters above sea level. This is also where the much -visited sandy beaches that extend to the Brouwerdam start. The largest forest of Zeeland lies in the Boswachterij of Westerschouwen, here are several hiking, cycling/ mountain bike and bridle paths. Cycling, walking, sailing, diving, golf or just enjoying the beautiful nature is all possible. Every year many toerists from variuos countries spend their holidays in a holiday home, chalet or hotel. Schouwen Duiveland is "buutengeweun